A Letter from Bethany of Fox Valley Church Council/Ad Council Chair Jill Zine

Dear Bethany Congregation,

The coronavirus is impacting our lives in every way from school, store, and library closings to social distancing, the new phrase of the year. In light of the CDC guidelines and in the best interests of the congregation, Bethany of Fox Valley will be closed through the end of March, and there will be no in-person worship services at the church on March 22nd and 29th. At that time, we will reevaluate the situation and determine our next steps.

The closing of our church building does not mean that the work of the church is on hold. We are a vibrant congregation with much to offer each other and our community. From our homes we can reach out and participate in missional serving:

1. Pray. We need to maintain hope and faith through this difficult time. Please continue to pray for the sick, our world, and our church.

2. Attend worship online. Bethany held its first online service last Sunday, and it was well received. We still need to worship in community, and this is a great way to maintain our connection. You can attend the services via this site or worship bulletin each Sunday.

3. Continue to pay your pledge. Just as our bills at home continue to come in, the church still has to pay its mortgage, insurance, and utilities, etc. Please continue to support Bethany by paying your pledge. You can send a check to the church (2200 Ridge Ave. Aurora, IL 60504). If you want to pay through the church website which is safe and reliable, go to Online Giving.

4. Check in on others. Check in on your neighbors, the elderly, the medically fragile. Do they need help with shopping, errands, resources? A card or phone call can go a long way to alleviating loneliness and isolation. Check in on families who may be balancing homeschooling their children with working from home or being out of work. An encouraging phone call to lend support will mean so much.

5. Support your local food pantry. The food pantries will soon be inundated with people in need. Consider a donation to a local food pantry if you are able. At the Aurora Interfaith Food Pantry, for every $10 donation, they can buy $70 worth of food.

6. If you are the one in need, please reach out and ask for assistance. There are more resources available every day.

Finally, let us remember that this situation is not forever. God has a plan, and God will see us all through this difficult time with grace and love. In the Peace of Christ, Jill Zine, Chair of AD/Church Council