Donation and Volunteer to Make Masks

As you know, effective Friday, May 1, 2020, all person two years and older are required to wear a face mask over their nose and mouth in public places where they cannot maintain a 6 foot distance.  Face coverings will be required in all public indoor spaces.  With that said the Missions team is reaching out to all church members to help make masks.  The following directions and patterns may make it easy for you to assist.  There are many different kinds of masks that can be made, these are just two examples of the handmade masks. If you need material, please contact Pastor Sam and he can drop off some materials.  If you make masks, Pastor Sam can pick them up.  He is going to make them available to the church congregation as well as an assisted living facility.  Please help in any manner you can. Please follow one of directions posted at FB Page for instructions

If YOU need a mask, please reach out to Pastor Sam (847.612.7477 or and he will deliver to you.