Bethany resumes in-person adult group meetings

At the recent Health and Safety Committee meeting, it was decided that the church building will be open to church adult group meetings starting on September 20th.  This includes adult Sunday School classes, church committees, circle meetings, etc. At this time, we will not be holding children’s Sunday School classes nor youth group meetings in person. There will be no food served at these meetings.  Groups may continue to meet via Zoom or a combination of both. Groups will be able to meet at the church as long as state guidelines allow.

If a group wishes to meet at the church, please use the following procedure:

Contact the church office by phone or email to schedule the meeting with the church secretary.
1.    Take attendance at every meeting.  This is necessary for contact tracing should a member test positive for Covid 19.
2.    Sit 6 ft. away from each other and wear masks at all times. 
3.    Bathrooms may be used.
4.    At the conclusion of the meeting, the members will sanitize the room and other common areas that were touched.  A caddy with cleaning supplies and guidelines will be provided.

If you have questions, please contact Pastor Sam 847.612.7477 or Jill Zine at 630.913.0177.