Updated Health & Safety Guidelines

The state of Illinois moved to Phase 5 of COVID regulations on June 11th, and the Health and Safety Committee met to discuss the implications of this for our congregation. We understand that we are all in different stages of feeling comfortable in returning in person to work, worship and gatherings. While we move to fewer restrictions, it is important to offer choice to everyone and to respect and honor the choices made by individuals in our congregation. If you have any questions or concerns, please contact either Pastor Sam or Jill Zine (630-913-0177).

Worship: Both in person and online worship will continue to be offered. Recent survey results show overwhelming support for an online worship option. There will no longer be a cap on the number of worshippers in the sanctuary, however the chairs will continue to be at a distance from each other.  The large area of our sanctuary allows those who wish to socially distance to do so. Worshippers can now enter and exit the building using the front door. There will be no nursery option. At this time, the bell choir, flute choir, and instrumental music may be used in the church service, however vocal choirs will not be in worship at this time.

The air conditioning will be turned on in the building to make the sanctuary a more comfortable place to worship. 
Masks: According to the CDC guidelines, face masks are optional for people who are fully vaccinated.  Individuals who are not fully vaccinated are strongly urged to wear a face mask and maintain six feet of social distance.
Children: We welcome children to our church. Unvaccinated children are encouraged to wear a mask, but we acknowledge that parents make the final decisions concerning their children.  The youth group will continue to meet outdoors.
Coffee Hour: People may gather in the narthex after the service and consume their own beverages.  Food will not be served or consumed.
Adult Sunday School/Meetings: Adult Sunday school classes, committee meetings, and other gatherings may be held in person, on Zoom, or in combination and meet without masks.  Beverages may be consumed, but no food will be served or consumed unless the meeting is outside.
Cleaning: The church will continue to be cleaned weekly by our cleaning company.  Common areas and surfaces will be cleaned after each service.