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Statement on the Order for Shelter in Place

Brothers and Sisters in Christ, This afternoon, J.B. Pritzker, the Illinois Governor, has announced an order for Shelter in Place requiring residents to stay at home starting at 5:00pm, March 21 for 17 days at least. It is very stressful news because this order will create an enormous pain to our family and friends in light of the spiritual, emotional and financial well-being. I believe, however, that he is fulfilling his tough duty to protect all of us throughout a reasonable and professional decision process. Therefore, there is no doubt that all of us need to stay at home.

A Letter from Bethany of Fox Valley Church Council/Ad Council Chair Jill Zine

Dear Bethany Congregation,

The coronavirus is impacting our lives in every way from school, store, and library closings to social distancing, the new phrase of the year. In light of the CDC guidelines and in the best interests of the congregation, Bethany of Fox Valley will be closed through the end of March, and there will be no in-person worship services at the church on March 22nd and 29th. At that time, we will reevaluate the situation and determine our next steps.

Update on COVID-19

To the families of Bethany of Fox Valley UMC,
Upon sending you the notice about the COVID-19/coronavirus last Tuesday, I’ve received a good number of questions whether to greet each other with handshakes, whether we should cancel worship and encourage people to simply stay home and pray? What about offerings? What about midweek activities like Dollar Dinner and Lenten Bible Study? Those questions are very valid and real regarding that the coronavirus causes suffering in real lives and people. Now, I think it might be helpful to provide you an update.