Sunday School

Sunday school

Sunday school classes meet at 10:15am after worship service.

Adult Sunday School

Bethany offers four different Sunday school classes:

  • Loyal Leaders: Adult Sunday school class unique in that it offers a sense of belonging, camaraderie, and serious study groups.  Contact Charles Bibbs.
  • Agape: This group's  name means "perfect love" and you will feel the love and support this group has to offer.  While studying the bible, they find how the Word fits into your daily living. Contact Ralph Pietronicco.
  • Amazing Grace: Another adult Sunday school class who meets with the determination of bringing traditions and bible stories together into our church.  Each member participates at their level of comfort and builds relationships that last for years.  Contact Mary Wolf.
  • Chrysalis: This group focuses on developing and building relationships with God and each other.  Bible based Christian study curriculum is used. Contact Jill Zine.

Children's Sunday School

  • Baby to Youth: Nursery offered on Sundays during services.
  • K-12 programs: Designed to meet the age groups, focused on Bible studies and activities.