Parking Lot Update

New parking lot

As of August 22, 2019, the NEW parking lot is completed! The church building will be officially opened on Saturday, August 24 in the early morning.

This parking lot is so much more than concrete and tar. For the church, it is a visible blessing from God how God leads the congregation into a comeback. For the congregation, it is also a touchable representation of how each congregant has been faithful and generous throughout 18 months of fundraising which is being overflown. It has been truly a faith-raising journey.

The whole board of Trustees must be appreciated for their time, passion, energy and commitment to fix up and beatify the church building and its spirit. With a grateful and sacrificing heart, they have been fulfilling a sacred responsibility. Especially, Susanna Brandon, Chair of Board of Trustees, has been pouring out her tireless efforts and commitment to make it happen in God’s character. Thank you, thank you, thank you!

Now the new parking lot is properly ready to be used for connection, celebration, comfort, inspiration and growing in God’s business of making disciples of Jesus Christ.

May God’s strength be with you. Amen!


Rev. Sam Park